A new way to teach, powered by the next generation of computers.
Learn through first-person embodied experiences 
that inspire.
Students discover abstract concepts tactically and kinesthetically.
Connect to symbolic notation and vocabulary for enduring memories.
A new paradigm for education
Prisms is the world’s first spatial learning platform in which students learn core math, science, and everything else through abstracting up from physical human experiences.
Learn about how Prisms is changing how students experience their education.
The Prisms Story
Prisms was founded by Anurupa Ganguly, an MIT engineer turned educator. After over a decade of teaching, leading curriculum and instruction for some of the largest districts in the US -- Anurupa became convicted that we must re-imagine how our children are educated for schools to deliver their promise to families: of developing passionate, curious, empathetic and resilient thinkers and leaders who will take on the problems of today with gusto, passion and success.
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